Welcome to the homepage of Bamboo Dental!

"Smile- the world is beautiful"
A simple sentence says it all about us. This is our creed both professionally and personally.

What does your own smile mean to you?

  • it simply means happiness
  • self-confidence, self-assurance when we socialize
  • satisfaction, when you look at the mirror or when you see yourself in a photo
  • unbounded cheerfullness because now you can enjoy tasty dishes, you can even bite the crispiest apple or drink the coldest lemonade
  • or in general , the awareness of the fact the the world smiles back at you

And what does your smile mean to us?

  • that you come to us with pleasure
  • that you have faith in us
  • that you are not stressed or tense because of your treatments
  • that you choose us, so we can help you to maintain or fix the health and beauty of your teeth
  • that we can contribute to make you a happy smile

In order to have a happy smile on the face of our patients both on arrival and departure,we provide you a friendly and the highest standard of environment, professional service, the most modern equipments. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your family members at our dentistry!

In the name of the team of Bamboo Dental
Dr. Dániel Kardos